Newsletter | September 2019

Responsibility & Shame

Making Time

A short free exercise to help you build formal mindfulness practice into your daily routine.

The most common response we hear about beginning to practice meditation is, "I don't have time."

And you've probably heard some sage person say, "If you don't have ten minutes to meditate, then you need twenty."

But if it's true that people 'don't have time', then why did one of our early students describe mindfulness as, 'making time'?

In actual fact practicing meditation does 'give' you time. The small efficiencies you gain from an 'organised', 'resilient' and 'engaged' cerebral cortex add up. You also make less mistakes and your performance is affected less by a low functioning immune system. See our Case Study Results for more on this.

But for many people, that very first step is the hardest.

So get a pen & paper and click the button below to make some time.